Mail-Cure for Outlook Express 1.5

Recover lost or deleted emails from Outlook Express


  • Recover deleted email files
  • Easy to use interface
  • Recover damaged email files


  • Interface is unimpressively plain


Mail-Cure is one of many recovery tools for Outlook Express users who have lost or accidentally deleted email messages.

If you've ever permanently deleted an email message by mistake, you'll know just how frustrating a feeling it is to realize it's gone forever. Or is it?

Mail-Cure is a handy little tool that can help you recover emails you accidentally deleted. It can also help locate mail that you believe has been lost, whether due to mis-filing or simply having been so old that it's buried under thousands of other messages in your inbox.

In addition, Mail-Cure can recover email from a damaged or deleted .dbx file. Even if you've reinstalled Windows, Mail-Cure has a decent success rate of being able to recover your wayward mail.

Mail-Cure employs a pretty simple interface. All you really have to do is click the Data button and choose the drive, file or disk image to scan. Once it's completed the scan, Mail-Cure will display all found emails in its Mail Box folder on the left pane of your screen. The contents of the found email can be viewed in Mail-Cure's right pane.

The only real hang-up some users might have with this program is simply that the interface is super plain and not all that pretty to look at.

Mail-Cure is a useful resource if you need to recover lost or deleted emails out of Outlook Express.

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Mail-Cure for Outlook Express 1.5

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